I wouldn’t say I was a doggie person.  In fact, I’m a little scared of them, I got attacked as a kid and again a couple of years ago when I riding my bike.  However I realised the other day I’ve started taking notice of dogs, I look at them differently – always now with the question – how easy or difficult would it be to paint that dog?  I met Marmite at the Cotswold Highland Show where I had a stall.  I took some photos of Marmite at the time and was delighted a few weeks later to be asked to paint Marmite on to a Classic Balmoral for a birthday present.  Marmite took me 5 days to complete – three days building the colour and the layers and then 2 days to add the detail and the catch light.  I really enjoyed painting Marmite, she was a great character to spend 5 days with.

And every mug has a bum.  I started this as I felt I wanted the mug to have two sides to it but as the main side takes so long doing two pictures of that quality would take too long and make the price too high.  The first mug I tried it on was one of a friends’ cat.  Cat often seem to stalk away with their tails in the air and their bums pointing straight at you.  What’s lovely is the bums seem to make people chuckle in the same way that they make me chuckle – so bums are here to stay

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