Wow – I’ve become one of the Silver Set interns and here I am in Zimbabwe for 2 months as the photography intern.  I already feel immersed in a new world.  I’m in Victoria Falls for 8 weeks working an organisation that has so many parts to it I’m still trying to understand it.  I’m here to develop my photography skills through two routes, taking pictures and videos and also helping others learn to take better pictures but let’s start with what this place is all about.  There are several elements going on here.  Community work with the local communities in so many ways – which you’ll get to know as I visit and work in them.  Research into elephants, hyenas, giraffes, in fact, many of the animals here in the wild.  Also research into lions, although the lions here are bred in captivity and studied there.  And working with issues that arise between communities and wild animals

Yesterday we went to walk with the new cubs that arrived from Antelope park.  There are 4 of them, two girls and two boys.  They are 9 months old so larger than a big dog.  The walk is from their enclosure through the scrub with keepers.  This was an important part of our training here as the tourists who visit Victoria Falls can pay to go and walk with the lions and some of the volunteers here will be walking with the lions too.  As my first time immersed in a project like this there are lots of things to think about.  How do I feel about breeding lions and using them commercially to raise money – right now I don’t know but I’m expecting to ask lots of questions to make sure I understand it from different points of view and over the next few weeks share with you my thoughts as they develop.

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