Having explored the options for shipping we are generally still using the post office.  We are unable to gaurantee shipping orders out on the day they are placed so offering next day shipping seems crazy.  For one or two mugs the cost of first class postage is still less than the cost of a courier service and the post office will ticket you if you are not in so you can go and collect the product.

We offer free shipping when you spend over £60 in the UK and £90 abroad, if you have these values in your basket you will automatically be offered free shipping at checkout.  


We are working hard to keep packaging to the minimum possible.  Single mugs are shipped in a tough cardboard box designed to be a shipping box and doubling as packaging.  We can gift wrap your box if you would like by wrapping the box in brown paper and putting the shipping label on that.

If you order more than one mug we may double wrap the mugs.  We reuse any packing material from our own parcels.  All bubble wrap or similar plastics are being recycled.  Our packing tape is paper.  We print on to self-adhesive labels in order to remove the need for plastic bags used for shipping labels.





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