Rim and Coupe Plates


Fantastic wedding or anniversary presents, your or someone’s pet on a plate with a message, date of birth or name – whatever you would like. This product includes a large hand-painting done from your photo the plate and any custom text you want.

Once we will have received your order we will be in touch to confirm, left or right hand, any custom text and its location and confirmation of your order will contain an upload link for your photos.



Have your photo painted on a plate or add a hand-painted plate to your order.  If you have ordered a classic Balmoral with your own cat photo you could also have this same picture on a plate or a different picture of your cat on a plate.  Typically our plates have a single painting in the middle and then some custom text around the side.  If you order a plate we will be in touch before we start to paint to make sure we understand what you want.

Personalise a plate a mugjug or teapot with one of your own pictures. Have your photos painted on to one of these lovely plates.  These make fantastic presents, especially to someone who knows your pet well or perhaps just add it to your own collection. These make a particularly good wedding, anniversary, commemorative plaques, especially with your photo on them. As we’ve done with our own pictures we will take your picture and paint it on to a plate of your choice for you.  We’d do it in the same style as our normal plates with a full picture in the centre and any wording you would like.

What works best?

For pets, a full frontal picture with the eyes looking at you has the most impact.  Others positions and poses are possible so think through what would you like to see?  It helps if the picture is in focus, especially the eyes as this will help us reproduce the character of your pet.   We can work round hands holding a pet in place as long as key identifying features aren’t hidden.  If you are taking a new picture just for this we recommend getting down and being level with the pet for both the front picture and the rear on.  Taking Good Photos

Personalise as a gift

If you would like us to personalise someone else’s pet as a gift we just need the same style of photograph.  We can send the finished item to you or directly to the person in a gift box with a message from you.

Same Picture on additional products

If you order “your dog” on a plate you can also have that same picture on say a classic Balmoral, once you have placed this order just go back and choose the other product you would like. You will be asked to give all the products you purchase the same project names so we can connect them.  If you are having several different pets painted please give each order a separate name.

How soon will I get my product?

Once you’ve placed your order the following will happen

  • You can upload your photos immediately on this link or use the link in your confirmation email.
  • We will be in touch by email to confirm that the photos are suitable and we can do a good job for you. What wording, if any, you want on the product and to give you an estimate of how long it will take us

From the point that we have a photograph, creating your mug, plate or other product takes about a week.  The nature of what we are painting makes a difference, if we have to build layers it takes longer as we will need to leave the mug for 24 hours for each layer to dry before we add the next one.  For example, we just painted Ninja who is a jet black kitten, we spread the painting over 5 days to ensure we really captured how black Ninja is and then be allowed the mug 2 days to dry completely before baking.  Once we see the photograph we will be able to tell you how long we need.

Before we start your project we will ask you to confirm all the above details and at this point, your order is no longer refundable.  Please see our terms and conditions

The Quality of the White Plate

The coupe plate is prettier than the rim plates, particularly the large 10-inch one makes a delightful display plate so is great gifts, commemorative occasions, wedding gift.  The Rim plates are heavier but they are catering standard so if you plan to use your plate for eating then this is a more durable option.  These plates are chip resistant so they have a slight lip underneath.

Plate Use

Once hand-painted and baked the plates are safe for eating, although we suggest you use them for tea and toast.  The hand-painting is dishwasher proof and fade proof and we have not had any problems with them however the paint sits on top of the plate and can be damaged or removed with extremely hot water and a scourer.  Therefore we recommend that if you get something sticky on the plate your soak it in warm water and wipe off with a soft cloth warm.

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