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Painted on the 6-inch rim plate bone china with ceramic paints and then baked, these mugs are dishwasher proof.

All plates can be customised with your message/name/dob please add the mug to your basket and at checkout, you will be invited to add personalisation.  Please note that customising your mug will mean a delay of 3-4 days in posting.

Works well with a hare mug

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A unique piece of art for using and enjoying

How about high tea on a hare plate?  Working from one of my photographs I paint the mugs in batches of about 6 so that there is consistency in the colours of the hares.  With the paint, I build layers of colour which creates texture on the mug and adds to their vibrancy.  The paints are ceramic and once dry are baked in the oven to cure the paint which makes them dishwasher proof.  The mugs we are using are beautifully thin bone china, just right for a lovely cup of tea or coffee.   These hares are all on the 6-inch rim plate is perfect for our children’s range, especially as a gift with a hare mug.  To see more information and compare sizes link here.

About the hare in the picture

Hares are one of my all-time favourite animals.  This hare plate one is another Elmley hare.  We were sitting on the road into Elmley early one morning, it was a lovely day but there was a dew on the grass and the hares were happy to be on the road.  This one appeared around the corner heading toward us in the car.  Hares spook easily but they are comfortable with the car so as it got closer and closer I had to try and move without making a sound so that me and the camera were hanging out of the window.

Customise your hare plate

Customise your hare plate with a message.  The rim obviously makes the perfect place for a name, date of birth or any other message You will be given the option at checkout to add personalised messages.  The messages are handwritten on to the plates and you can choose capitals, mixed case or lower case.  We will ask you to supply the spelling by email to ensure we don’t make any errors.  Please note the message on the example is computer generated.  We work to produce an italic style writing.  you can choose capitals or lower case. See examples here   

If you choose to order a mug as well we will customise at the same time, you only need one customise product.

Care for your mug

The painted plates have a texture created by the build-up of the paint.  They are dishwasher safe and fade safe.  Do not use abrasive cloths or scourers on the painting and it can damage or remove the paint.  They are safe to eat off but I would recommend keeping them for toast and jam rather than dippy egg.  If something like egg does dry on the plate soak in warm water and wipe off with a soft cloth

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