Exmoor Stag


Exmoor stag on beautiful autumn morning.  Painted on the classic Balmoral bone china with ceramic paints and then baked, these mugs are dishwasher proof.

All mugs can be customised with your message/name/dob please add the mug to your basket and at checkout you will be invited to add personalisation.  Please note that customising your mug will mean a delay of 3-4 days in posting.  See options for customising your product click here

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A unique piece of art for using and enjoying

Each Exmoor stag mug is unique.  Working from one of my photographs I paint the mugs in batches of about 6 so that there is consistency in the colours of the hares.  With the paint, I build layers of colour which creates texture on the mug and adds to their vibrancy.  The paints are ceramic and once dry are baked in the oven to cure the paint which makes them dishwasher proof.  The mugs we are using are beautifully thin bone china, just right for a lovely cup of tea or coffee.   These hares are all on our classic Balmoral stock which gives you a large tea mug.  To see more information and compare sizes link here.

About the stag in the picture

We spent a day with Exmoor photography tracking down this Exmoor stag and hearing all about deer on Exmoor. We hired a camper van for the weekend thinking it would give us more freedom for the early morning start and returning mid-morning.  That night we had one of those incredible storms that feel like they are never going to end and we were sure we’d not see any deer on this trip.  However by 9 am the wind and calmed down and by 10 we had blue skies.  It was an incredible day, firstly trying to find the deer and then working out how to get close enough for a good picture.  We walked about a kilometre up a valley and then crawled through the bracken to where we thought the deer were.  This was one of those lucky shots that I peeped up with my camera ready and the stag was so surprised he looked at me for long enough for me to take this picture and then he was gone.

All the Exmoor stags have a stags’ bottom on the back side of the mug.  It’s a young stag with much small antlers  I have assumed that mostly the right hand is used to pick up the mug and you would like to look at the picture as you drink.   If you would like a lefthanded mug please email me and I will create it for you.  You will need to allow at least one week for the mug to be completed.

Customise your mug

Customise your Exmoor stag with a message, a name, a date of birth in all of one of 4 places.  Either side of the handle, between the pictures or on the bottom of the mug.  You will be given the option at checkout to add personalised messages.  The messages are handwritten on to the mugs and you can choose capitals, mixed case or lower case.  We will ask you to supply the spelling by email to ensure we don’t make any errors.  See examples here

Care for your mug

The painted mugs have a texture created by the build-up of the paint.  They are dishwasher safe and fade safe.  Do not use abrasive cloths or scourers on the painting and it can damage or remove the paint.

Shipping/recycling etc

Please see our shipping and packaging information.  We review this regularly and will add in new options when we can. Shipping will be calculated when you enter your address.

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