Printed Hen


A lovely plump hen.  She is part of our black and white series

Bone china, wide white Balmoral 9cm by 9cm.  Large hen on one side and small hen on the back. Customise the mug with a name or a message for no extra cost.

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Our plump hen mug is one of our new printed mugs which are also created and inspired by our photography.  We take a picture and then turn it into a digital painting or drawing which is then printed on to special paper.  The paper is then wrapped around the mug and the mug goes into the heat press for about 4 minutes.

The mugs we use are a similar size to those we paint on.  They are made from bone china but they are slightly thicker to stand the pressure of the press and whiter so that they really take the colour from the printing.

Lovely Plump Hen Story

She’s another of our Elmley hens.  She is exactly as she looks, the patterns on her feathers are extraordinary.  She scraps around with the others and is part of a rich mix of chickens.

Quality of the Mug

The size of this mug is similar to our hand painted ones, they are 9cm by 9cm high and contain a generous cup of tea.  The process used is called sublimation, this process bonds the picture into the mug, it will not rub off and is happy in the dishwasher.  This process is not suitable for products which are going to sit outside as they may fade in UV light however the process is perfect for cups


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