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Have one of our Chloe Cox Originals painted on to a product of your choice?  When ordering in this way any customisation is included in the price.  Typically we charge £5 over the price of the ready-made products this is to allow for one-off paintings and but it includes any custom text you would like on the product  We always confirm the text and its location before we go ahead.  You may cancel at any time and receive a full refund until you have confirmed by email the text on the product.   If you are looking to have your own photo painted on to one of our products please follow this link My Photo on a Product



If you can’t see the painting you want on the product you want then order it.  Let’s say you want the Elmley hare on a churn jug and we’ve not produced it yet then order it here.  You have the option to pick the china you want and then tell us which picture you want on it.

Generally the smaller the product the harder it is to paint on to it so you might not get quite the detail you see in the bigger product.  Espresso mugs are a good example of this which is why we do not offer them here.  If you order via this route though you may have any customisation such as text on your product at no additional cost.

Please note that different images take longer or shorter to finish, for example, anything with significant whiskers is baked twice.  Black or black and white pictures can take up to a week to make as they have to dry for 24 hours between layers of paint.

Additional information

Hand-painted Requests

Classic Balmoral (£30), The Tea Vat (£50), Extra wide Balmoral (£33), The Small Balmoral (£30), The children’s mug (£30), Small china teapot – 2 mugs (£40), Large china teapot (£45 3-4 mugs), Large Churn Jug (£50), Classic Churn (£40), Small Churn (£25), Mini Churn (£25 1/4 pint or 140ml), Coupe Plate (£25 6 inch or 15.8cm), Coupe Plate (£27 8 inch/20cm, Coupe Platter £45 10 inch/25cm, Flat Rim Plate (£25 6inches/15.8cm), Flat Rim Plate (£27 8inches/20cm)

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