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Buy additional products for us to hand-paint your photos on to.  If you have ordered a classic Balmoral with your own cat photo you could also add the tea vat you can add different mugs to your order here.  and we will paint the same picture on that for you.  You will need to give us the Project Name you gave when you ordered so that we understand the connection.  If you can’t remember that please the name of the person who ordered the painting in the Project Name box.

Once we will have received your order we will be in touch to confirm, left or right hand, any custom text and its location and confirmation of your order will contain an upload link for your photos.

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If you are ordering mugs and some the same just add more to your order.  If you want a photo you’ve ordered on a different mug then order it here and use your project name so we understand and can connect the orders

What You Get

This product includes a large hand-painting done from your photo on the front and a smaller/simpler painting on the back and any custom text you want.  A Chloe Cox Original usually has a “bum” shot on the back.  We will work with you to get suitable good quality photos

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