Your pet or photo hand-painted for you on a bone china product.  Choose your initial product, say a mug (see all our china products)  If you want more than one with your picture then add the number you want and give your project a name.  If you ‘d like a different product, say a churn jug, go to the churn jug products add what you want – give it the same project name and add it to the basket.  Once you’ve placed the order we will confirm and provide a link for you to upload your photos.  Advice on how to take really good photos for your mug can be found on this link.  The better the photo the easier it is for us to capture the essence of your pet or animal.  If you don’t yet have the photos don’t worry we can wait.  See examples of our customised mugs

Once we have the photos we will confirm with you by email the product(s) we are painting on to, the photos we are using on which product and that the photos are good enough quality to do a good job for you.  The painting and curing of the mug can take at least a week, it is unwise to hurry the drying phase of the product and some paintings need to dry between layers.  We will give you an estimate of the delivery once you have confirmed your order.

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