As we’ve experimented with painting our pictures on to mugs we discovered that some of our photos are just better if we use a digital process to create designs from these photos and then print them on to mugs.  We love the bone china mugs we paint on and wanted to find mugs for printing onto that were similar sizes and just as elegant.  At the moment we have two sizes, the extra wide Balmoral and the small Balmoral.  They are slightly thicker and whiter than the bone china we use for our paintings but they need to withstand the heat and the pressure of the press and show off the colours.

This process is fantastic for small runs of mugs for wedding favours, business events, parties, children’s gifts.  The colours are vibrant and design opportunities infinite.

How does mug printing work?

The press uses a process called sublimation.  The mugs are coated with a liquid which will combine with the inks on the paper we print on to and these are “embedded” into the mug while in the press.  The mugs are completely dishwasher safe and good for at least 500 washes, although they seem to hold their colour far beyond that.

Design and Customisation

We have designed some mugs which you can buy in the shop and we also offer customisation and design services.

  • The customisation is your own words/names/messages on our designs –  for example, the small Balmoral with tractors can have a name, a date of birth a message of your choice put on it.
  • Design means you tell us what you have in mind and we will make the artwork for your mug.  Once we’ve done that we will mock it up on a mug for you so you can see how it looks before you place an order for the mugs.  This process starts with a quote where you tell us what you are looking for and if you have a photo you want us to work from you can upload it to help with the quote.  You can also have us customise any of the designs you find in our gallery.

Your photo on one of our mugs

We can do this as long as the photo proportions work on the mug size.  For a photo wrap around the photo needs to be cropped to include the key image you want to 23cm x 8.6.   Be aware that with this process there will always be a white border either side of the mug handle.  Because we use an unusually large mug the white border is quite large if your photo has soft edges it works better. Why not ask for a quote, if we think it won’t work well we’ll tell you and advise of other suppliers.


If you are ordering one of our designs or customising one of our designs they normally ship within 2 working days. Customisation takes longer but rarely more than 4 days – it depends on the complexity of your design and how busy we are.


Get a quote

We can provide a quote for a specific design to go on either or both of our mugs.  Or to customise one of our products, for instance you could have all red tractors or just one tractor.  If you just want a name, date of birth on a mug please order the product you want and we’ll be in touch so you can give us the specific details

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