These are all painted on our classic Balmoral, a lovely thin bone china mug.  To compare our mug sizes click here.  The paintings are all inspired by photos that we’ve taken on travels all over the world, although a favourite topic is British wildlife and farm animals.  Each mug contains a picture on the front and the back of the mug.  The paintings are textured as the intensity is built by painting layers.  All paintings are dishwasher safe – in fact, they love the dishwasher best.  Find out more about the process of making the mugs here.  Click on any product below for more details.

Want a hare on a jug but you can't see it here?

If it’s not in the shop we’re either out of stock or we haven’t yet painted it.  Start a conversation with us.  If there is an existing painting you like on say a mug but you’d like it on a jug I’m sure we can do that for you.  Fill in the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

If you are looking to have one of your photographs on a mug please click here

These are perfect coffee or children’s mugs.  They are the same proportion as the classics with elegant straight sides.  Compare sizes here

These hand-painted plates pair well with a mug these plates are suitable for gifts and commemorative gifts, especially when personalised as a newborn, child or anniversary gift.  These plates are catering quality.  They have a reinforced rim in order to be chip proof.  They are safe to eat from and dishwasher proof.  We recommend if you get something really sticky on them that will be hard to remove you soak the plate in warm water and then wipe with a soft cloth

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