Hand-painted mugs, jugs and more

Hi I’m Chloe and I hand paint from my own photos on to bone china mug, jugs, plates, and teapots.  It all started when three things collided, the collection of teacups in the kitchen cupboard started to annoy me, the desire to give some homemade presents led to the discovery of ceramic paints and the desire to do something unique with the photos I’d taken.  I’m joined in the journey by my daughter Zaffie and husband Clive who are both into photography and we have done many trips together.

There are so many stunning photographers out there, with fantastic kit taking amazing photos so I’d been looking for a place that I could do something different.

The Process

A suitable photograph gets turned into a line drawing to provide shape and proportion.  Using graphite this is traced on the china mug or product.  Each photograph has one or two key features that we must take particular care to get right.  The most important of these is the eyes and the catch light in the eyes.  The other feature is usually animal specific.  The paints we use are tricky, they dry quickly while using them but need 24 hours between layers for them to really harden.  Layers are important and direction of feathers or fur mean the order of painting is important.

Once finished they dry for at least 24 hours before baking.  Some products are double baked to make it easier to finish difficult items such as whiskers on a hare.  The products are then dishwashed before being packed.

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