Recycling is an issue here in Zimbabwe too.  We separate our garbage in Tokki where I’m staying.  We avoid drinking bottled water and use tap water, although it doesn’t taste great it’s fine to drink.  How do developing countries deal with plastic waste and recycling?  What I loved today in the village that we went to visit was the time someone had taken to make this lorry out of old plastic bottles and other plastic bits.  It works, the wheels turn and the kids play with their truck.

Cooking millet

The village went to works closely with the community projects here.  They have developed a small routine for when groups go to visit, which included, having the visitors try grinding and sieving millet which they use with peanut butter to make a form of dough.  They take the millet and cook it on an open fire in the cookhouse a small round building with a fire in the middle.  They serve it with their version of cream of kale.  Apart from the grit, it was delicious


Some of the children danced for the group and then got the visitors up and dancing too.  The women were selling cravings and material they had made and I’m going to go back and photograph or video the process of creating them.

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