In at the deep end.

Evie is an incredibly inspiring ball on energy who is in charge of the community projects.  She asked me to go with her to make a video – talk about in at the deep end…  One of Evie’s projects is with local women who have started cooking as a group and selling their food.  They’re supported by 2 local companies and they cook and serve lunch.  She wanted to help them make a video to give the client – G-Adventures.  The video was to be the 5 women each talking to the camera and a final thank you by all of them.

A few months ago I had a crash course from my son Ben, who is a filmmaker and last week I made my first video of some footage I captured on my wildlife camera. So promising you can start at 10 and hand over the edited video by 1330 is a little crazy.

What fantastic women – I’m unable to show you the video or the photos without permission but I can tell you how inspiring these women were.  They were asked to say their name and the project and something about the project to video.  They struggled, the script was a little too hard and as we practice with two of them another one, Linda started to coach them and tell them what to say.  So we got Linda to say it in front of the camera, she did it once and then again.   The second was just fine so we started practising with two others…. but Linda was back, she wanted to do it again, she had more to say.  The impact the project has had on her life, the challenge, excitement and benefit of learning business and marketing skills. English is not her native language but she did the whole thing in English – with that under their belt they all had a go telling us what they liked to cook, how being in this project means they can pay for their children to go to school.  It was incredibly inspiring.  All this is done in an open air kitchen with helicopters constantly overhead.

I’ve been asked to go back and try their food next week and I’ll let you know what it’s like.  I was really pleased that Evie loved the video – all 3.3 minutes of it, and I got a request to make a video of another group next week.  I have a day off on Sunday and plan learn more about how to edit videos as it was all a little crude.

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