Unique Designs hand-painted in Gloucestershire

Unique designs on hand-painted mugs, jugs and more. Chloe Cox Originals takes high quality, bone china and adds beautiful hand-painted or printed designs.  All our paintings and designs are inspired by our own photography   We also take commissions to paint or print your pets and special pictures on to our mugs or other products!

Unique Designs and our signature feature

Each piece we create is unique on our handpainted mugs and each mug or jug has two sides a full front and a “bum” – the bum always gets a laugh – have a look for yourself in our gallery

Sourdough Made Easy Workshops

Join us at Scrubditch Care Farm for a morning workshop on Sourdough.  You will be shown how to make sourdough bread without any need to spend money on new equipment and how to maintain your starter. All money raised will go to support Scrubditch and the amazing work they do. Find out more…

Unique hand-painted ceramics

Hand-painted Mugs, jugs and more

We hand paint from our own photos on to bone china mug, jugs, plates and teapots.  It all started when three things collided, the collection of teacups in the kitchen cupboard started to annoy, the desire to give some homemade presents led to the discovery of ceramic paints and the desire to do something unique with the photos we’d taken.

These products make fantastic gifts see our full range.

Your photo hand-painted just for you…


Your personal unique piece of art

This could be your dog… or your cat, or a favourite animal you’ve photographed.  Put a smile on the face of someone who has a pet or animal they love. We take your photos and turn them into unique pieces of art that you can use every day on a fine bone china mug, jug, plate or teapot find out more

Can't see the painting you'd like on the product you'd like?

If you’ve seen a design of ours you like and would like it on a specific product,(for example, a painted hare on a large churn jug) order here or send us a request Find out more

Note this is for hand-painted products only, if you want a digital painting on a mug go to our digital printed products page.

Printed Mugs

Some of our favourite pictures have inspired us to create a printed mug. All our designs have been created from our photos and the designs are then printed and “cooked” into the mug in a heat press.  This makes them perfect for customisation and for printing several of the same design.   Explore our designs and choose the mug you would like and the custom text you would like on your mug. Find out more

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